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In December 2017 I graduated with my PhD in Computer Science. Since then I have worked first as a research assistant, then as a Lecturer in the Computer Science Department at the University of Otago, Dunedin. I am interested in Graphics and Vision problems. My key focus is 3D modelling of shapes and statistical shape modeling. In particular, I have a special interest in the problem of correspondences. Additionally, there are several mathematics problems that I am exploring in detail. During my studies, I worked as a lab demonstrator, and post-PhD I have enjoyed lecturing students at the University. I have co-lectured a graphics paper - COSC342. My lectures covered the OpenGL content. I have also taught COSC212, covering the PHP/SQL content as well as swift and cocoa for MAC OS X ( COSC346). I also had the opportunity to teach in the Effective Programming paper - COSC326, which requires students to solve and discuss a set of problems. This paper enable them to learn how to work both individually and as part of a team (a mixture of pair work and group work). We also looked at different problem solving methods.

I am from Morocco and joined the Graphics and Vision Research Group at the University of Otago in June 2011 as a PhD Student on surface matching applied to medical imaging. Upon completion of my PhD, I have been employed as a lecturer in the Computer Science Department. Learn more »

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